Q and A’s

  1. What’s your favorite color?  Turquoise
  2. What’s your favorite food?  I love Soul Food and Thai Food
  3. Who’s your favorite athlete? KOBE BRYANT!!! (Be prepared, you’ll hear me talk about him a lot!)
  4. When do you write? Whenever I have a free moment, and sometimes even when I don’t!
  5. How many kids do you have? FIVE, which means lots of action and inspiration at my house!
  6. Where do you live? I grew up in Southwest Michigan (Berrien Springs), and ironically moved back there with my family
  7. How do you come up with your main characters? Usually, a character name will come to me first, like Isaiah Dunn. Then I get an idea for a circumstance for that character. In the case of Isaiah, I wanted to explore the issue of homeless and how it happens. I’m around kids a lot, so I ALWAYS have fresh ideas for characters.
  8. Other than writing, what are your hobbies? I love reading, of course, and music. I’m married to a drummer, and I play the piano and bass guitar. I also love traveling, sports, coloring, having hors d’oeuvre parties, and getting a good nights’ sleep!
  9. Do you collect anything? Yes! I collect shot glasses from different states, notebooks, and really cool pens!
  10. Is it hard to be a writer? For me, the hardest thing about writing is to START WRITING! There will always be a distraction to take me away from writing, but I’ve found that once I actually just sit down and write, ideas flow and I always feel really good that I started.